All about examinations

An academic year is divided into two semesters, the first from June/July to November/December and the Second from November/December to April/May. Each semester will have a minimum of 90 working days. Examinations will be conducted in papers pertaining to semesters in Nov/Dec and April/May respectively for odd and even semesters every year for all UG and PG courses.


  • The examination for COP is conducted annually.
  • COP – Certificate is issued on completion of the course.

ALCTA – Advanced Learners Course in Thrust Area

  • It is a Self Study Subject to earn extra credits
  • Interested students can take up the examinations and clear in one attempt.
  • This paper carries 100 marks (EOS Examinations only) with 4 extra credits.


  • Students with 75% of attendance are eligible to appear for the examinations.
  • Students having 65 to 74% of attendance are allowed to appear for the examinations on payment of the condonation fee.
  • Students Possessing 50 to 64% of attendance are eligible to write only the arrear papers.
  • Students with 49% of attendance and below have to re-do by rejoining the same semester during the next year. However, students are eligible to write arrear papers.


To qualify for a pass, one should secure a minimum of 40% marks in the examinations in case of UG and 50% marks in case of PG programmes.

  • No passing minimum for CIA



  • Theory : One CIA + One Model.
  • Practical: One Model + Class Performance.
  • Project : Review I, II & outcome of study.