Computer Studies

M. Sc. Computer Science

Specialization in Predictive Analytics of Data Science

Eligibility: A pass in B.Sc. (CS) / BCA / B.Sc. (IT) / B.Sc. (ECS)

Duration: 2 Years Full time

M.Sc Computer Science enables the learners to excel at Predictive Analytics in Data science.

The major courses include Descriptive Analytics for building Data Warehouse (Pentaho) and Visualization (Tableau, Excel) , Predictive Analytics using Programming languages (Python, R), model building and Machine learning.

The students have choices to select courses based on their domain of interest. The elective courses are AI (Artificial Intelligence), Social Media Text Analytics, Financial Analytics, HR Analytics, Marketing Analytics, Risk Analytics and Bigdata Technologies.

What is Predictive analytics?

It analyzes current and historical data to predict unknown future events. It allows the companies to take smart decisions in their business.

Semester - 1

This semester enables the learners to develop a project in R programming after understanding Specific Mathematical basics (like linear algebra), Statistics for business and analytical tools.

Mathematics | Statistics | R Programming | Excel Analysis

Semester - 2

This semester deals with the most important aspect of predictive analytics - Building Data Warehouse along with Machine learning algorithms and visualization of data. These technological applications are widely used in Social Network Data Analysis.

Pentaho | Machine Learning | Excel – Visualization | Social Network Analysis using R

Semester - 3

This semester focuses on predictive analytics starting with descriptive analytics using existing data followed by visualization, recognizing the pattern and thereby extracting business insights. Further, learners will be able to build ‘Self-learning model’ in Financial Analytics.

Tableau | Predictive Analytics | Financial Analytics

Semester - 4

The final semester concentrates on real time Project, enhancing learning through Python for Data Science and Big Data Technologies. Real time project helps in holistic understanding of predictive analytics.

Python | Big Data Technologies | Capstone Project

  • Faculty members with International Certifications from top-notch institutions (IIT / IIM / BITS Pilani/ London School of Economics(LSE)/ Standford University / MIT University)
  • Curriculum is regularly updated to meet fast changing Industrial requirements.
  • Real time Data Science Projects
  • Data Analyst
  • BI Developer
  • 'R' Programmer
  • Business Analyst
  • Predictive Analyst
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Data Analytics Consultant
  • Data Scientist