• Computer Laboratories
    5 labs | lab administrators: 5 | lab programmers: 5 | seating capacity: 400
    Computer laboratories have been installed to cater to the needs of the various computer courses of UG/ PG streams. Lab I and Lab III are meant for UG students, each lab being equipped with 65 systems. Lab II known as 'Millennium Lab', propped with 90 systems, serves for both UG/PG students. Lab IV, sporting 60 systems is meant for MCA students. Lab V, having 60 systems, imparts facility for MBA and Commerce students.
    A Computer internet cabin containing 10 systems is an exclusive enclave for Faculties. About 4 servers and 2 Admin nodes are available to sustain the systems. The following variety of programmers are administered through the computer labs Via academic practical’s, career oriented programme, oracle certification, student faculty online feedback entries, internet browsing, PC Hardware trouble shooting, Network trouble shooting, Software exhibition, Student admission entry etc., in addition to competitions and power point presentation preparations.
    Available Equipments and facilities
    • 350+ Computers with Windows and Linux
    • High performance Systems
    • Servers
    • Softwares include Microsoft, Oracle, Adobe and Autodesk Products
  • Electronics Laboratories
    2 labs | lab technicians: 2 | seating capacity: 60 students
    The well-equipped modernized laboratories are available for UG and PG students separately. Each laboratory can accommodate 25 students comfortably. In addition, there is an Electronics Software utilizing computer laboratory with a capacity of 20 systems. The laboratories of electronics department, besides possessing the basic essential equipment’s, feature an array of sophisticated advanced gadgets. In short the laboratories provide an ideal exposure for gaining practical knowledge in electronics.
    Available Equipments and facilities
    Cathode ray oscilloscope
    Rf/pulse/Function/Pattern generators
    VTVM gadgets
    Microcontroller kits
    Microprocessor kits
    PIC controller
    Embedded programmer
    FPGA and CPLD kits
  • Microbiology Laboratories
    2 labs | lab technicians: 2 | seating capacity: 90 students
    Separate labs exist for both UG and PG students. The UG laboratory houses an Instrumentation room provided with A.C facility, and a stock of essential basic instruments. The PG laboratory consists of a main hall meant for demonstrations, phase I unit, storing basic instruments, Phase II, established with Biosafety level 3 for restricted practical utility and Phase III, for maintaining the animal cell lines.
    Available Equipments and facilities
    Laminar Flow Air Chamber
    Storage refrigerator
  • Biotechnology Laboratories
    1 Main lab | lab technicians: 1 | Main Laboratory seating capacity: 50 students
    Biotechnology Laboratory is renowned for its possession of sophisticated facilities for augmenting high end research activities
    Supporting Laboratories
    Plant Tissue Culture Lab
    Animal Tissue Culture Lab
    Advanced Microbiological Lab
    General Biochemistry & Chemistry Lab
    Sharing resources
    Animal House
    Drug Development unit
    Drug Analysis Unit
    Lab to Land facilities
    Azolla Cultivation Tank
    Mushroom Cultivation
    Green House
    Vermicompost Unit (Organic farming)
    Herbal Garden
    Food product Development
    List of Major Instruments
    PCR/Thermal Cycler
    Fermenter-Bioprocess Engineering unit
    BOD incubator
    COD incubator
    UV-VIS Spectrophotometer
    Advanced Trinocular microscope
    Fluorescent microscope
    Deep freezer
    Walking cold room
    Gel documentation unit
    Cooling Centrifuge
  • Foods and Nutrition Laboratories
    Labs:2 | lab technicians: 2 | seating capacity: 32 students
    The department has well equipped labs with state of the art equipment to practically train the students in food preparation and food analysis.
    Nutrition Lab
    The analysis of biological samples like blood and urine will be done here. The analysis of foods samples to find out the quantity of nutrients present in specific foods and also the effect of processing on the nutrients is also carried out in this lab.
    Foods Lab
    The undergraduate students do their Food science, Nutrition in Health and Nutrition in Disease practical in this lab. They also use this lab to do Food Preservation and Food Quality Practical. The post graduate students do a new Food Product Development aiming to meet the nutrient needs of the community in this lab. The practical for Career Oriented Programme in Fitness Management is also conducted here. This lab has all the facilities to effectively train the students in all these areas.
    Available Equipments and facilities
    Bomb calorimeter
    Kelplus – Elite Ex apparatus
    Soxhlet apparatus
    High speed centrifuge
    Muffle Furnace
    Storage refrigerator
  • Biochemistry Laboratories
    2 labs | lab technicians: 2 | seating capacity: 80 students
    The Department of Biochemistry has the following separate well equipped state-of-the art laboratories that provide adequate hands-on training to the students in techniques of biochemistry. The Department of Biochemistry is well-equipped for analysis of macromolecular structure and function, as well as for molecular and cellular biological studies in prokaryotic and eukaryotic organisms. Active research programs exist in the areas of protein structure and function, membrane structure and transport, regulation of gene expression, DNA repair, metabolic regulation and cellular development and differentiation.
    The UG Department of Biochemistry is well equipped to perform research in different areas of biology. The M.Sc Programme emphasizes an in depth knowledge of the basic Sciences including Molecular Biology, Genetics, Bioinformatics coupled with intense training on the various analytical techniques employed in Biochemistry. At the end of their two year period of study, the learners will be well-equipped to embark on a career in R&D laboratories.
    Available Equipments and facilities
    Inverted Microscope
    Phase Contrast Microscope
    Refrigerated Centrifuges
    High Speed Centrifuges
    Carbon dioxide Incubator
    BOD Incubator
    Orbital Shaker Incubator
    Laminar Flow Hoods
    Continuous Fermentor
    Batch Fermentor
    ELISA Washer and Reader
    UV-Visible Spectrophotometers
    Electrophoresis Units (Horizontal & Vertical)
    Gel Documentation System
    UV-Tran illuminator
    Thermal Cycler (PCR)
    Dot Blot Apparatus
    Ultra Filtration Modules
    Chromatographic Systems(TLC)
    Flame Photometer
    Double Distillation Units
    Packed Bed Columns
    Fluidized Beds
    Fume hood

    Available Equipments and facilities
    The Animal House Facility maintains strains of mice, strains of rats, strain of rabbits and strains of guinea pigs in different rooms. The animal rooms are maintained at 22.2°C with a relative humidity of 55.5%. A 12-hour light-dark cycle is maintained with automatic timers. All the environmental factors are moderated by a computerized central monitoring system.

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