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Undergraduate Programs
Since 1996
The vibrant Department of Foods and Nutrition (F&N) was initiated by the RVS Educational Trust under the auspices of the Bharathiar University in order to meet the demanding challenges of the growing food processing and health care industry with M.SC., and B.Sc., programs. It expanded into a full fledged research department in 2010.
Therapeutic Nutrition uses the various nutrients to support the body’s immune and healing systems, thereby altering the course and outcome of a disease process. Dietitians are health professionals, ideally trained to implement and change dietary habits of an individual or population.
Community Dietitians enhance quality of life and assist individuals to achieve optimal nutritional health. Community Dietitians can help improve nutritional knowledge and practices of different sections of the society.
Food quality Controllers develop and implement procedures to maintain quality standards on production floor to ensure product quality. They evolve food safety practices and assist in documentation involving HACCP, Food Safety, and Good Manufacturing Practices.
Sports nutrition is the study and practice of nutrition and diet as it relates to athletic performance. Sports nutritionists advise individuals on dietary practices, exercise and use of vitamins, minerals and supplements.

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