Biochemistry > B.Sc Biochemistry
Undergraduate Programs
Duration: 3 years full time, six semesters (including project)
Intake: Only One intake per year, every year in the month of May/June
Entry Requirements:Pass in H. Sc with Chemistry / Physics/ Biology/ Computer Science
Fees:Rs. 20000
  • Course Overview
    The Department endeavours to create a new world of biochemical innovations into medical research. To fulfil such a vision, the UG programme focuses on key areas such as Molecular genetics, Marine Biochemistry, Nanotechnology, Biomedical Instrumentation, Pharmaceutical biochemistry, Immunology, Enzymology and Clinical biochemistry in the field of Biochemistry.
    Topics that are taught throughout the course:
    Extraction and purification of enzymes; Applications of enzymes in industries.
    Genetic recombination, Translation of proteins.
    Molecular structure determination, X-ray crystallography, RFLP, PCR, RAPD, DNA Finger printing.
    Organ transplantation, Vaccination.
    Isolation and Assay of stem cells.
    Mammalian cell culture, Gene transfer.
    Medical imaging, EEG, ECG.
    Chemotherapy, ADME of drugs.
    Nervous system, Endocrinology
    Nano structuring, Nano coating, Nano vectors for gene therapy.
    Medicinal plants and secondary metabolites, Clinical Biochemistry.
    Importance of oceans and marine science.
    The Program reflects the relevant changes in the syllabus to meet the demands of the modern industry.
  • Course Breakup
    I year:
    Commencement of understanding
    The basics of Biochemistry through papers like Biomolecules, Enzymology and Cellular biochemistry;
    The technology used in research institutions and leading industries via the paper Instrumentation techniques which will enable them to have a technically sound foundation;
    Practical training in analysing and experimenting biomolecules
    Office automation and multimedia practicals
    II year
    Gearing up the academic inputs with:
    The genetic and metabolic aspects of biological system through papers like Molecular biology and Intermediary metabolism;
    Diagnostic Medical laboratory techniques, Experimentation and analysis of the various Organic Compounds and Volumetric titrations
    Basic mathematics and aptitude skills as an opening to succeed in their statistical skills.
    III year
    Imparting of Scientific and Industrial Application Oriented scheme comprises of:
    Teaching with Hospital application related papers like Medical Lab Technology, Human physiology and Endocrinology, Clinical biochemistry, Industrial Technological papers like Immunology, Plant biochemistry and Microbial physiology.
    Exposure to Molecular level techniques and Nano techniques with papers like rDNA technology, Stem cells and Nanotechnology.
    An exclusive practical training on Immunological findings and Clinical diagnosis
    A minor project to develop research skills.
  • Career Opportunities
    Our graduates in Biochemistry enter the industry as highly skilled
    Junior executives in health care companies like Biocon, Ranbaxy, Shantha Biotech, CCMB, Avasthagen
    Medical lab technicians in Multispecialty hospitals.
    SAS Clinical Programmers in Maxwell
    Scientific analysts and Bioinformaticians in MNC like WIPRO- WISTA, TCS and Accenture
    Scientific Associates in companies like Jubilant Biosys, VWR International, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Wingene, Incogen, Millipore Corporation, Waters.
    Academic Pathways
    Students can specialize in their areas of interest associated with Master degree and Research Programs.

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