About the Department of Microbiology

Since 1996

The Department of Microbiology was started with 3 year Undergraduate program in 1996. Since then, the Department has steadily grown and as an up gradation 2 year Postgraduate program was introduced in 2006. The program was established to motivate the students of science hailing from the rural and urban areas of Coimbatore and other regions. Emerging trends have encouraged the course to flourish and fascinated learners of even other states have come to choose the program in RVS CAS.

In the field of Science, Microbiology tracks all levels of biology such as Medical, Veterinary, Biotechnology, Molecular Biology & Genetic engineering, Biochemistry, Dietetics, Agriculture and Pharmaceuticals, where there is scope for volumes to explain and vast to describe. Contribution of H. J. Conn’s Agrobacterium in the field of plant biotechnology, Herbert Boyer’s insulin producing Escherichia coli in Genetic engineering and Biochemistry, Henry Tissier’s Bifidobacterium in probiotics, Louis Pasteur, Edwerd Jenner and Robert Koch in the field of vaccine development have enriched the Microbiology world with broad spectrum of opportunities in Research and Placement.